What to expect during your first month at Anteriad

So, you’ve got the job, and you’re officially joining the band as a Rocker or Roadie, but what comes next? The first month of working with us here at Anteriad will be jam packed with new information, new day-to-day tasks, and a lot of new faces, which is an exciting but often overwhelming experience!  

To make things easier for you, here’s a quick insight into what to expect so that you can walk into your new job with all the energy and enthusiasm you will need for the challenges we throw your way!  

Week 1:   

Our Head of Recruitment, David Arroyo, has a phrase that he will repeat throughout the week; “You are not here to save the company.”   

We understand that this first week will be loaded with information, so if by the end of it you know where the toilets are and recognize your team members, you are exactly where we expect you to be.   

Day one we’ll ease you in with a quick tour and introduction to our different teams. You will be given all the equipment you need to conduct your day-to-day tasks and of course there will be a bit of admin to do with HR to get you all set up.   

Our Onboarding team have designed your training sessions to be interactive, and they love to see people participating and asking questions so don’t be afraid to speak up! You will also have some sessions with our Chief Production Officer Cristina Biet and your team leader.  

And just like that, you’ll have made it through Week 1! Time to relax and recharge at the BBQ on our rooftop terrace on Friday afternoon.  


Week 2:   

During your second week with us, you will dive into the ins and outs of what it means to be a Rocker. The goal of this week is to prepare you for whatever the gatekeepers and decision makers have to say. So, you can expect sessions about active listening, how to handle difficult calls and, finally, what to say when you reach the decision maker to spark their interest and generate a lead.   

The familiar faces who recruited you will also pop back up at different points during this week to run some sessions with you and to check that you’re settling in okay.  

Week 3:   

Time to hit the phone! This week that you will be given the opportunity to ‘learn by doing´. There will be lots of calling time and opportunities to make leads during your third week. Naturally, there will still be things that you are unsure of, so our Onboarding team will still be there to help you with anything you might need!  

There will also be more focus on attention to detail, for example keeping your CRM neat and tidy and sharpening your IT knowledge so you can sound more confident on the phone.   

Week 4:   

At this point, you will have spent almost one month working with us. Congratulations in advance! Your fourth week of training will consist once again of lots of calling. After all, practice makes perfect, right?   

As well as spending your time on the phones, we aim to add to your skill set as much as possible during your training. You can expect to learn more tips and tricks that will help you on the phone and to give you a more well-rounded knowledge of all we do here at Anteriad.  

You will also take part in some more fun, interactive sessions hosted by the recruitment team, before celebrating the end of your first month!   

Week 5 and beyond:  

The first month is a whirlwind of training and getting to grips with the ins and outs of the IT marketing world, but our motto is that you never stop learning! Once you finish Onboarding, don’t worry you will still be supported by your Team Leader and our team of brilliant coaches to continuously develop your knowledge and to be as successful as possible during your time with us!