Anteriad Ambassador Program

Stephan and Melissa

At Anteriad Spain, our people are our greatest asset. So, who better to help us find the best candidates than those who have already embraced our values and culture?

Introducing the Anteriad Ambassador Program, an initiative designed to leverage the talent and network of our existing team members to bring in new, exceptional colleagues. Any Anteriad Spain employee can become an ambassador by recommending a someone they know  who reflects our business values for one of our open vacancies. Once hired and being part of the team for half a year, the Anteriad “Ambassador” will get a special bonus for introducing us!   

Here's one of our latest Anteriad Ambassador success stories, Stephan and Melissa!  To learn more about the Anteriad Ambassador program, feel free to ask our Recruitment team.

Who are Stephan and Melissa?

Stephan: I’m half Swedish and half Spanish and consider myself pretty lucky to have spent my life moving between the two. I started on the phone in 2021 at BNZSA (now Anteriad) and have since had the privilege of being a Coach and Quality Control, then Team Leader and now the Program Manager, operating with the Intel vPro Promoters.  Without a doubt, my greatest passion outside of work is my daughter Greta who is nearly 10 years old. From Metallica to Aitana, she loves singing and dancing and we even play in a band together when the stars align. Travel also plays a huge part in my life, either on my motorbike or with Greta in our RV.

Melissa:  I was born in Torino, Italy, and when I was 8 years old, we moved to Barcelona. Now I’ve been living in Madrid for a few years, and thanks to Stephan I had the opportunity to join Anteriad. I am very happy and look forward to learning more and continuing to develop myself professionally. Personally, I would describe myself as a dreamer and adventure-seeker. You’ll always find me with a smile on my face because I believe that a positive attitude is essential to enjoying work and in general, life.

What teams do your work on?

Stephan: I’m currently the Program Manager working with the Intel vPro Promoters where I coordinate their work around the world.

Melissa: I am very proud to be working on the International Team and am currently working on Spanish campaigns, where my Catalan has come in handy with some prospects!  And I speak Italian too, so I also hope to work on Italian campaigns in the future.

What do you like most about working at Anteriad Spain?

Stephan: The colleagues absolutely, they are the foundation of Anteriad. Also, the diversity in the day-to-day challenges, no day is like the other.

Melissa: Because of some of my past work experiences, there's a lot to love here: the inclusion, the Team Days, and the atmosphere.  There’s a sense of camaraderie, and I feel I always have the help and support of my supervisors and colleagues, and the possibility to keep learning and growing.

What advice would you give to someone starting at Anteriad Spain?

Stephan: Buckle up, friend! You’re in for a ride that you won’t forget! Enjoy the opportunity you have here to learn, share and show what you’re made of. 😊

Melissa: Enjoy the trip and the experience. Working here is unique, so make the most of it and you'll learn more than you imagined. “Life is a climb, but the view is great.”

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