How does the BNZSA Roadie program work?

Want to join the band, but based outside of Madrid? Don’t worry!

We launched our Roadies Program in April 2022 to expand our reach outside of Madrid. We are proud to have our headquarters in Las Rozas and we have a lot of talent here, but we want to open the market to the rest of Spain (excluding the islands). From Galicia to Alicante, BNZSA’s doors are now open to people across peninsular Spain!

How will it work for the Roadies?

Roadies can be based anywhere in the Spanish peninsula, but you will spend the first week of onboarding with us in Las Rozas. Once you get to grips with the BNZSA way and set yourself up with all the skills you need to, you will be able to work from the comfort of their own home starting week two!

As a Roadie you will then come to the office once per quarter in order to spend time with your team and enjoy the BNZSA lifestyle!

Do Roadies have the same supports in place as Rockers based in Madrid?

Of course! Roadies have the same access to the BNZSA support network as every Rocker - Team Leaders, Coaches and everyone else here in Madrid who strives to keep you on top of your game. Roadies also have a dedicated Office & Logistics team to support and organise your quarterly visits.

We all know we are working to build business relationships and put leads on the board – that will always be the same for Rocker and Roadie alike.

Can Roadies work from outside of Spain?

Currently we are only hiring in peninsular Spain. Spain is our home, we are a Spanish company, and our headquarters are in Madrid – we want people who are working in remote to still feel part of the office, enjoy our work culture, and to come and visit easily.

The BNZSA Passport scheme to work for a short period from anywhere in Europe is open to Rockers and Roadies alike.

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