Meet the Recruitment Team - David 

Tell me about yourself.  

Hi! I’m David and I was born and bred in Madrid. After having attended the Lycée Français here in the city, I got a degree in Journalism. I’d say that I’m quite the extrovert and always up for a laugh. I also love spending time with my family & friends, going to restaurants, you know the typical small pleasures in life! 

How long have you been at Anteriad?  

Around March 2015, freshly graduated, I landed in this start-up somewhere in Alcorcón, ready and willing to have my first real professional experience ... and that was for BNZSA! Nine years later, here I am still kicking, and enjoying the evolution into what is now Anteriad! 

What teams do you recruit for?

As Head of our Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Team, I help all departments find the right fit for their needs: from Design and Finance to Office Management and the Rockers in Production! 

What do you look for in candidates? 

Professionalism, enthusiasm, humility and overall, being a good person! In general, candidates should have a good understanding of how they can help our company and what they want to get from their professional experience with us.

As a Recruiter, what advice do you have for those interviewing for a job as a Rocker (or Roadie) at Anteriad?

Come prepared, be yourself, show your skills and if possible, have fun during our conversation!

What is your favourite thing about working at Anteriad? 

The People! From meeting them for the first time, to seeing them evolve and grow into the next level of professional. Also, getting to know them personally and their amazing stories!  

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