Meet the Recruitment Team - Niamh 

Tell me about yourself.

My name is Niamh (pronounced nee-uv) O’Driscoll, and I am originally from Cork, Ireland. I moved to Spain in September of 2021 after graduating with a degree in Modern Languages and Linguistics. I chose Madrid for the culture, the people, and of course, the weather! 

How long have you been at Anteriad?

I began at Anteriad (formerly known as BNZSA) in June of 2022, as a BDR on the UK team, and I joined the Recruitment team in March of 2023. 

What teams do you recruit for?

Being a native English speaker, I generally focus on the English-speaking teams such as the UK or US teams, but I have also recruited for the BeNe team and conducted interviews in French and Spanish. 

What do you look for in candidates?

I am always looking for punctuality, professionality and the overall willingness to learn. We have a great Learning and Development team at Anteriad, who are prepared to help everyone acquire the key BDR skills required, as long as they are ready and keen to put the work in. 

As a Recruiter, what advice do you have for those interviewing for a job as a Rocker (or Roadie) at Anteriad?

Be punctual, be prepared, and be yourself. In my experience, good people make good employees, so the interview is for us to get to know you as a person, just as much as who you are professionally.

What is your favourite thing about working at Anteriad?

We have some really great colleagues working alongside us. I have made some lifelong friends here and learned so much from my colleagues, the people are definitely the best part about Anteriad.  

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